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V3F Lift Controller - Auto Door / Manual Door

We are leading Manufacturer of Elevator Controller at Omkar Electronics, which is made under the strict vigilance of quality experts by using advance technique and machineries. Our offered range of controllers is available in Auto Door and Manual door (Ad & Md) that can easily be availed by our esteemed clients at the cost-effective prices. As such, our bulk availability and quality assured controllers have attracted the buyers of Middle East, India, Africa and U.A.E, owing to which, we are renowned as reliable Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Elevator Controller based in Maharashtra, India.

Features of V3F or multi speed elevator controller :

  • Simple and robust construction with telemechanic contactors.
  • Single PCB, hence very easy to maintain and cost effective.
  • State-of-art design with Low voltage and High voltage separation in PCB layout.
  • Ideally no extra terminals required for shaft wiring as male-female connectors are provided on PCB itself, but shaft connectors of WAGO or PHOENIX can be provided at extra cost.
  • Down collective.
  • 7 segment common anode display on board.
  • LCD display to show shaft faults, car gate – landing gate – limit switches position – current position and destination of car, all pending calls, etc.
  • Single wire registration i.e. only one off wire from button.
  • Counting type car top reeds – Only two reeds, one for up direction slowing and second for down direction slowing and two more reeds, one for up direction stopping and second for down direction stopping.
  • Counter for lift stopping after defined predetermined time, e.g. one day, one week, one month or two months, etc.
  • 16 digit alphanumeric password for above counter.
  • On board optical isolation from field wiring.
  • Three stage safety chain for customer, avoiding accidental shorting of safeties by trainee technician. In no condition a technician can short entire safety of lift.
  • Car gate and landing gate voltage 110v.v
  • There are six limit switches – three on top floor and three on Ground floor. All limit switches are 110, for reliable intended operation. Reed switches are not allowed in place of limit switches, according to Bombay Lift rules.
  • All limit switches are NC according to Bombay Lift Rules.
  • Output contactor for motor, for isolating motor from source, according to Bombay Lift Rules.
  • Extra brake relay in PCB to take care of drive becoming faulty. In any case is drive hangs or becomes non-responsive during running, this relay comes in picture and avoids accident.
  • Separate R-cam contactor for OTIS type locks.
  • As all components are of SMD technology, life of components increases because of reduced oxidation of contact and junctions.
  • As all electronics is only in one PCB, maintenance is reduced, call-back are minimised and easy to attend and diagnose the fault. Just replacing PCB solves all the problems.
  • Controller requires only few switchgear to complete the assembly, as all electronics is in one PCB only.
  • As all outputs are on the same PCB, no interconnection required between PCB’s.
  • DOB, Auto Fan, Auto / Manual doors relays are also available on-board.
  • Floor setting is field settable.

  • Note – For Auto door two ‘U’ type magnetic shoe on cabin-top to sense door zone are recommended and two reeds on cabin top for slowing & magnets in the shaft.

    Introducing following new features in next generation PCB’s which are mandatory for ISI

  • Output contactor stuck detection
  • Brake contactor stuck detection
  • Brake coil switch detection
  • Landing lock short detection
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